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We are looking for a dynamic and ambitious individual with leadership qualities, mastery of detail and a vision for an organisation dedicated to exploring global histories through local stories.
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Finding My Roots

HSFA volunteer Michael shares his tips and tricks to discover your family history, as well as sharing his own experience.
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Why Holocaust Trivialisation Isn’t Trivial

What is Holocaust trivialisation and why is it dangerous? In this blog Dr David Rudrum explores why he believes Holocaust trivialisation is dangerous to the legacy and memory of the Holocaust.
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Sisterhood and Survival

This International Women's Day we share the story of sisters, Ibi and Judith, exploring the importance of sisterhood in order to survive.
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Scarves Throughout History

University of Huddersfield student Beth Purslow explores the importance of a simple scarf that we have on display in the exhibition.
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Black and white photo of men wearing striped prison uniforms with downward-facing triangles and numbers

Reclaiming the Pink Triangle: LGBT+ people and the Holocaust

How can a symbol used for persecution become a symbol for liberation and dignity? Our Visitor Operations Manager writes about the persecution of LGBT+ people by the Nazis, and the community's subsequent work to reclaim their own narrative.
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