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Memories of Mauthausen

Our colleague Hannah recently visited Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. Here she shares her thoughts on the visit.
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Holocaust Survivors' Friendship Association Chair Lilian Black looks at her father's image in the exhibition, 'Through Our Eyes'

National Lottery Awards finalist

Lilian Black reflects on the Holocaust Exhibition & Learning Centre's nomination for the National Lottery Awards and what it would have meant to her late father, concentration camp survivor Eugene Black.
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Remembering Srebrenica

Our Director Emma King reflects on her journey to Bosnia to learn about the Srebrenica genocide.
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Anne Frank’s 90th Birthday

Anne Frank would have been 90 years old today if she had not been murdered by the Nazis. This blog explores her life and her legacy.
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Yom HaShoah: Keeping the Memory Alive

HSFA's Chair, Lilian Black, reflects on the importance of remembering and commemorating the Holocaust and its lessons for today.
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Behind the Wires of Bergen-Belsen

On 15th April 1945 the British Army liberated Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, discovering scenes that shocked the world.
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