Open today 10am - 5pm

Survivor Talk: Martin Kapel

Portrait of Martin Kapel (c) Paul Banks

“And I was fortunate that I did get a place on such a Kindertransport and I came to England and was sent to foster parents in Coventry.”

Martin was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1930. By the laws of both Germany and Poland his nationality was Polish as his parents were Polish. In 1938 Martin, his mother and sister were forcibly expelled from Germany into Poland during the ‘Polenaktion’. In Poland his mother secured a place for both Martin and his sister to come to Britain on a Kindertransport. In Britain Martin survived the Coventry blitz.

In his talk Martin will explain the journeys that brought him to the UK and how he created a new life here.

The Holocaust Exhibition & Learning Centre will be open from 12-4pm to enable guests to see the exhibition. Refreshments will be available after the talk for a small donation.