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Digital Learning: Exclusive Package for Schools

Learning - Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, GCSE, A-Level, A-level / post-16

We are delighted to offer a unique digital package for schools. This can take the form of a survivor talk and our Winds of Change Learning Session, or alternatively a survivor talk can be booked as a standalone event for your school.

Digital survivor talks take the form of one of our survivor members speaking direct to your students, live, via Zoom or another online platform. They would be able to answer questions from your students just as they would in person.

Our Learning Sessions involve more interaction along the way so we offer these digitally per class to encourage more discussion and participation amongst the students (using digital break-out spaces and digital copies of resources as needed). The Winds of Change session includes looking at images of primary sources to do with varied personal stories – documents and photographs of people and objects – and using them to build student engagement and independent thought. Your school will be given educational resources to enable delivery of this session. Winds of Change is suitable for Key Stage 2 right up to post-GCSE groups, with our facilitators tailoring verbal interaction to the group’s level of knowledge.

Propaganda posters like this are used as primary sources

  • Survivor Talk: £100, talk duration 60 minutes with 30 minutes Q&A
  • Learning Session: £100 (per class), duration 45 minutes
  • Survivor Talk & Learning Session package (1 class): £180, max duration 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Learning Session for additional classes in package: £80 per additional class

To find out more or book a package, get in touch!

Survivor Talks 

While our Winds of Change Learning Session forms a wider picture of complete experiences across the Holocaust, our Survivor talks focus on specific stories of child refugees who made new lives in the North of England.

Trude speaking via Zoom at a recent event

You can book a digital talk with one of the following – click on their names to access their stories.

  • Trude
  • Rudi
  • Martin
  • Liesel
  • Harry – came to the UK from Vienna via Czechslovakia with his parents with his father later serving with the Czech Free Army, full story coming soon.

Winds of Change: Objects and Images between Weimar and the Third Reich

In this highly interactive session, learners engage with objects, images and texts to understand how political, economical and social change between the world wars had different implications of men, women and children of different backgrounds. The session considers the broad spectrum of victims of Nazism, including Jewish victims of the Holocaust, disabled people and the LGBT community, while reflecting on number and proportions. In doing so, it unpacks the reasons underpinning their persecution, how different policies affected them differently, and the stages at which they were introduced. At the same time, it includes case studies of three ‘perpetrators/collaborators’ to highlight how the changes introduced by the Nazis divided an already fractured population.

Accounts of such fragmentation are given in the Introduction of this session, by discussing with learners the political and economic context of Germany between 1919 and 1939. In this part of the session, the facilitator stimulates learning through the technique of structured ‘questioning’. The aim is to simultaneously encourage students to comment on images and texts, access any previous knowledge and highlight pieces of information that will be relevant to the following part of the session.

This comprehensive session addresses a series of erroneous beliefs, including 1) that the Holocaust happened mainly in Germany; 2) that Jewish communities were similar across Europe, highlighting instead a variety of lifestyles and levels of integration; and 3) students’ unfamiliarity with any of the specific actions enacted against different groups. In addition to this, the session defines and contextualises antisemitism.

Images like this are included in our Winds of Change session

No single lesson can address the complexities of the Holocaust. However, this introductory session to the Holocaust captures its complexity and explores essential themes. It introduces students to individual stories from a range of victim groups and encourages their contextualisation within an overarching framework.

Why should you book this package?

Educators know the importance of teaching children about the need to combat prejudice and racism in today’s society. Our sessions have intrinsic value in showing what we can be as humans, whether as part of your History curriculum or as part of your school’s broader educational work.

Our digital package has been developed to respond to teachers’ needs to develop something engaging and worthwhile, while catering to safety guidance. If you have any questions about catering for your school’s needs digitally, we are happy to discuss this: email us, or fill in our Contact Form.