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Impossible Choices

This workshop uses historical evidence from the exhibition to explore choices, actions and consequences.

Some of the choices survivors and their families faced seem to have been almost impossible to make. Some may not really have been a choice at all, but actions taken through necessity. Participants will learn that the choices faced by Jewish people in Nazi Germany and occupied Europe were not easy and often included moral or practical dilemmas.  Choices were limited, and some forms of action were precluded by the situations in which people found themselves. Students will also be encouraged to reflect upon where and why people might have to make impossible choices today.

This workshop costs £5.50 per child with a minimum price of £150 per group. Accompanying adults are free. To book, please download our schools booking form here, re-upload and send it back to us using the form below, or email us via our contact form.

Image: HSFA collection, courtesy of Berta Klipstein.

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