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Impossible Choices


This session uses historical evidence from the exhibition to explore choices, actions and consequences.

This session explores the impossible choices that real people had to make during the Holocaust.  The choices people made were sometimes huge, but at other times, it was the ordinary, every day decisions that could mean life or death.  For many the option to choose was taken away from them.  Students will explore real-life scenarios, developing their sense of historical empathy by putting themselves in those situations: what would they have done?  They will then examine the real stories and people behind those choices and explore whether that would alter their opinion or action.

Booking Information

All sessions last approximately 90 minutes for groups of up to 40 students (unless otherwise stated).  Large groups between 40-80 students require sessions to be extended to 120 mins.  For groups of more than 80 students, please contact us to discuss options.

This session costs £5.50 per child with a minimum price of £150 per group. Accompanying adults are free. To book, please download our schools booking form here, re-upload and send back to us using the form below or email us using the contact form.