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Surviving ‘The Final Solution’

Learning - GCSE, Key Stage 3, A-level / post-16

How did people survive a system designed to kill?

This session explores the roles of concentration camps in the Holocaust and the purposes of the different types of camps.

Students explore what it was like to be in a camp through the experiences of those who survived, including Arek Hersh, Eugene Black, Iby Knill and others that feature in the exhibition.

Students will also explore how forced labour was used in the camp system and discover the complicity of businesses that profited from these abuses, some of which are still household names today.

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All sessions last approximately 90 minutes for groups of up to 40 students (unless otherwise stated).  Large groups between 40-80 students require sessions to be extended to 120 mins.  For groups of more than 80 students, please contact us to discuss options.

This session costs £5.50 per child with a minimum price of £150 per group. Accompanying adults are free. To book, please download our schools booking form here, re-upload and send back to us using the form below or email us using the contact form