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Untold Stories

A class of schoolchildren in Munkacs, Hungary, 1930s. Jolan Schwarz is third from left on the front row.
Learning - Key Stage 2

These upper Key Stage 2 Active Learning Sessions follow the stories of survivors featured in our exhibition

Active Learning Session options:

Edith Goldberg and Martin Kapel: Journeys
This session explores the timelines of two Kindertransport refugees and their respective feeling through each part of their journeys.  Pupils follow their chosen survivor through the exhibition displays to discover more about them and their experiences.  The session ends with a discussion about children who may have had, or are going through, similar experiences today.

Suzanne Rappaport-Ripton: Roles
This session explores the different roles people played during the Holocaust. These roles are explored through an exploration of Suzanne’s experiences as a hidden child.  The session also tackles misconceptions about the geographic spread of the Holocaust, with Suzanne’s story occurring entirely in France.  The session concludes with the pupils exploring their own roles in society today and how they respond if, for example, they see someone being bullied.

Rudi Leavor: Identity
This session explores the importance of personal identity through Rudi’s story. Pupils discover how the events of the Holocaust changed Rudi’s own idea of identity and reflect on what personal identity means to them.  The session also highlights how, during the Holocaust, aspects of people’s identities were either removed or emphasised without their approval before concluding with a discussion on the importance of respecting difference and diversity in society.

Trude Silman: Special Things
This session explores how and why seemingly ordinary things can be special to people. In the exhibition the pupils explore the special things on display from refugees and survivors, making their own sketches of the objects.  The session ends with the pupils discussing why it is important that we remember the holocaust, echoing Trude’s belief that it should never be forgotten.


Booking Information

All sessions last approximately 2 hours for groups of up to 40 students and include the Learning Session and a self-guided activity inside the Exhibition. For groups of more than 40 students, please contact us to discuss options.

This session costs £5.50 per child with a minimum price of £150 per group. Accompanying adults are free. To book, please download our schools booking form here: School-Booking-Form-HELC then send to or email us using the contact form.