Open today 10am - 5pm
A school child sits on the replica bench marked 'Nur fur Juden' (Only for Jews) in the Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre.

What is in a Word?

Through Our Eyes is based on oral history, the testimonies of survivors of the Holocaust.

The exhibition uses the spoken and written word in context, to chart the experiences of real children and real people. All around the exhibition are quotes from survivors that illustrate key elements of the Holocaust as it unfolded and escalated. They illustrate how it impacted on the lives and human rights of countless individuals. In this workshop young people will be involved in activities that explore why personal testimony is important as a source of evidence about the Holocaust and consider the distinctiveness of oral testimonies as an historical source.

This workshop costs £5.50 per child with a minimum charge of £150 per group. Accompanying adults are free.  To book, please download our schools booking form here, re-upload and send it back to us using the form below, or email us via our contact form.