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We are working on reopening the Holocaust Exhibition & Learning Centre itself but we're also delighted to bring you a programme of regular online events! Keep in touch with us via our blog and social media accounts - and sign up for our newsletter to hear more in-depth news and updates. We hope to see you again in person soon, and thank you for your support.

In Conversation: Rudi Leavor with Dame Louise Ellman

1st October, 7:00pm
Dame Louise and Rudi will discuss their experience of antisemitism, in the past as well as in the present
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Only following orders? Perpetratorship revisited.

8th October, 6:00pm
What part did bureaucrats play in the Nazi regime?
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Creating the National Institute of Holocaust Documentation: The Evolution of the USHMM Collection

15th October, 4:00pm
Learn about the collection and growth of a major US collection
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All Things Considered: Central European Jewish Refugees in WWII Shanghai

25th October, 2:00pm
How did Jewish refugees build new lives in new places, and how did their relationship with objects change as a result?
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Antisemitism and the Russian Revolution

29th October, 7:00pm
How did prejudice play a part in one of the biggest upheavals of the 20th century?
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Jewish Refugees find a Haven in the Dominican Republic

12th November, 6:00pm
Where did Jewish refugees find new homes after escaping Nazi persecution?
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