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Medieval Anglo-Jewry and the English Ritual Murder Allegations: An Urban History

2nd February, 5:00pm
Dr Dean Irwin will explore how the allegations of ritual murder affected the Jewish community in England
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Who Will Tell The Story? The Next Generation of Holocaust Education

3rd February, 5:00pm
We are joined by Noemie Lopian and Derek Niemann to explore the future of Holocaust education
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Back to Izieu: Remembering a Jewish Children’s Home in France during the Second World War

23rd February, 5:00pm
Join Dr Lindsey Dodd as she shares stories from Jewish children's home Izieu
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Denying the Undeniable: Holocaust Denial Today

3rd March, 5:00pm
We are joined by Dr Joe Mulhall and Dr David Rudrum to discuss Holocaust denial in todays society
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