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Our Active Learning Sessions for school groups are targeted at upper Key Stage 2 through to A-Level students and beyond. All sessions are cross-curricular and flexible and can be adapted to target specific areas of the National Curriculum, particularly History, RE and English, as well as Citizenship and PSHE. Please use the drop-down filter below to find sessions that are suitable for your group.

Essential Visit Information

All our essential information for your school's visit to The Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre.
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Survivors Trude Silman and Leisel Carter in conversation

Meet a Survivor

Add a talk from a Holocaust survivor to your visit
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Surviving ‘The Final Solution’

This session explores how people survived a system designed to kill.
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Humanising the Holocaust

This session explores the roles of citizens during the Holocaust: helper, perpetrator, bystander or collaborator.
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Every Picture Tells a Story

This session looks beyond using images to extract information and considers what we cannot see.
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