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Taught by our specialist team, our Active Learning Sessions are targeted at upper Key Stage 2 through to A-Level students and beyond. Each session actively explores the causes, impacts and legacy of the Holocaust, engaging students through the use of artefacts, archives and, most importantly, survivor testimony. In addition to teaching key historical skills and concepts, we use the Holocaust to examine the contemporary themes and issues explored through Citizenship, R.E., SMSC and PREVENT education. Each session detailed below includes facilitated activities in both our Learning Room and Exhibition spaces.

Learning Programme

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Surviving ‘The Final Solution’

This session explores how people survived a system designed to kill.
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Humanising the Holocaust

This session explores the roles of citizens during the Holocaust: helper, perpetrator, bystander or collaborator.
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Every Picture Tells a Story

This session looks beyond using images to extract information and considers what we cannot see.
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Special Things

This session explores why objects become important to people and what they tell us about the Holocaust.
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