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Iby Knill and her brother Tomy in 1938. (c) HSFA

Iby Knill

Iby grew up in Bratislava, then the capital of Czechoslovakia. She escaped to Hungary after the Nazi invasion but was later caught and deported to Auschwitz.

Iby’s Story Iby’s Story
Portrait of Martin Kapel (c) Paul Banks

Martin Kapel

Martin grew up in Leipzig, Germany. In 1938 his family was forcibly expelled into Poland by Nazi troops. Martin later came to the UK on the Kindertransport.

Martin’s Story Martin’s Story
Heinz Skyte (centre) photographed with his father and brother in the 1920s. (c) HSFA.

Heinz Skyte

Heinz spent his early life in Fuerth, a small town near Nuremberg where his family ran a textile business. Heinz led a normal life as a young boy and went to a traditional German grammar school.

Heinz’s Story Heinz’s Story
Trude Silman as a child in 1936. (c) HSFA

Trude Silman

Trude arrived in England in 1939, aged 9, as a child refugee from Czechoslovakia. Both her parents were murdered in the Holocaust.

Trude’s Story Trude’s Story
Val Ginsburg as a young man in Lithuania, before the Holocaust. (c) HSFA.

Val Ginsburg

Val experienced the Soviet and Nazi invasions of Lithuania. He survived the Kaunas ghetto, forced labour and near starvation in concentration camps during the Second World War.

Val’s Story Val’s Story